Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Has Someone Stolen That Ego You Were So Desperate To Lose?

From the Better Late Than Never Department comes this news that hackers breached the firewall of the SYDA bookstore accounts and stole an undetermined number of credit card numbers and their associated financial data. You can view the DataLoss report on the incident here (cut and paste url into your address bar):


Interesting how SYDA does not give a date when the incident occured. However, they let SIX WEEKS pass in between the time they discovered the hack (Jan 4, 2008) and the day they finally reported it to the authorities (February 21, 2008). Let's chalk that up to 2 weeks of incompetence and 4 weeks of attempted cover up.

None of the lost data has ever been recovered, no arrests have been made and--as of yet--no lawsuits have been filed in connection with this breach of security, according to the report.

So, if you suffered any financial/credit card related fraud issues in Jan/Feb of 2008, and you purchased anything from the crookstore via credit card at any time in the past, I'd start looking for a link if I were you. Because I can't believe SYDA would not be liable for allowing your personal financial info to sit in the hands of identity fraudsters for 6 weeks without doing anything about it.

SYDA's belated filings, including names and contact information of SYDA General Counsel Ken Braziller, and SYDA Board of Trustees Officer Joseph Buga can be found in the PDF docs embedded within the above website page.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Found this question and answer(!) posted on WikiAnswers today:


The accompanying reply on the discussion page is the best---you just know that QueensLadyDay MUST be the online handle of a SYDA lawyer with no kids!


Happy Birthday Celebration! "some restrictions apply"

In celebration of Birthday Bliss®, one of the gifts you are invited to prepare-to-be-unwrapped* during the Celebration Satsang™ is a share
©. To prepare, compose a share® that you can give in 45 seconds or less** about one of the following topics:

One way that the Purpose Statement
has inspired you to celebrate Gurumayi's Birthday™.

An experience of AUM sadhana© from your study and practice of the Siddha Yoga Message© given to us by Gurumayi™®.

Another favorite teaching from Gurumayi™® that you are applying in your life.

An anecdote or experience of being with Gurumayi™® - your own or one you've heard and love††.

With Love,
Your Local Steering Committee


* To show proper honor and respect for this auspicious day, please wrap all gifts in organically dyed rice paper or Japanese silk (of no less than 12" square). Offerings of flowers will be accepted at the Guru's Chair® during darshan™ so long as they are not geraniums, and have not been smelled by any living person prior to being offered.

* Sharers who exceed this generous time limit will be gently led to sit back down via the tinkling of silver bells. Sharers who do not obey the bells and instead attempt to "wrap up their thoughts" will be greeted with a brass gong reminder and the good natured laughter of their peers.

Please limit the contemplation of your infinite gratitude to the Guru to approved topics only. Those whose remarks veer off-topic will forfeit all opportunity to share until Gurumayi™® gives her next new year's address in person, or until their death, whichever comes first.

Those who have never had the infinite pleasure of meeting or even seeing Gurumayi™® in person are required to meet with one of the roaming "share coaches" in the hall before the program begins, to insure that the second-or -third-hand memory they are sharing conforms fully to all official photographic, video, audio and textual messages of the Guru as established and incorporated by the trustees of the Siddha Yoga Dham of America. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, or otherwise persecuted should the law not apply.

Friday, June 4, 2010

So you want to marry your snake

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Marrying Snakes
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Parallels in Snake Oil Salesmanship

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