Monday, September 27, 2010

Waving Adieu, Adieu, Adieu

An idol of Lord Ganesha is hoisted by a crane into Hussainsagar Lake in Hyderabad on September 22, 2010.

That would be waving and that would be crying,
Crying and shouting and meaning farewell,
Farewell in the eyes and farewell at the centre,
Just to stand still without moving a hand.

In a world without heaven to follow, the stops
Would be endings, more poignant than partings, profounder,
And that would be saying farewell, repeating farewell,
Just to be there and just to behold.

To be one's singular self, to despise
The being that yielded so little, acquired
So little, too little to care, to turn
To the ever-jubilant weather, to sip

One's cup and never to say a word,
Or to sleep or just to lie there still,
Just to be there, just to be beheld,
That would be bidding farewell, be bidding farewell.

One likes to practice the thing. They practice,
Enough, for heaven. Ever-jubilant,
What is there here but weather, what spirit
Have I except it comes from the sun?

--wallace stevens

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When Kristians Attempt Kriyas

The demon-obsessed members of a church in Texas prove you don't need shaktipat to shake, rattle and roll in worship. Go on and fast-forward through the thoroughly uninspiring woman screaming at the beginning of this clip; my fave part comes 48 seconds in when a man appears to be trying to vomit up the mother of all hairballs as his children sit bored-out-of-their-gourds alongside. And you thought YOU had it bad as a hall monitor:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Because We Finally Heard, Never More Another Word

Since we are inventing letters from Gurumayi's pen, why not music videos from her playlist?

Because we all once loved each other so well.

Because we never will again.

Because it was all just smoke and shadows in the end.

Because. Because. Because. Because..