Saturday, August 9, 2008

Letter to An Other Guru

Dear Gurumayi:

I been thinking about you and feeling bad, like we chased you off or something. I know that's dumb, right? Magdala (that's my mom, you probably remember her as Madri but lately she's been seeing this gnostic guy) keeps saying something must have happened to you, that you would never just disappear. She knows you haven't left your body because she would sense a disturbance that large in the Ground of All Being. That's what my mom believes, but then she thinks her grocery list is recorded forever in the akashic records.

I decided to write you because I know you're not getting as much mail these days, and some of what you do get isn't so nice and I wanted to tell you that people still love you very much, even if they don't communicating that except in spirit. It's just so hard because we all miss you so much and I'm not sure you miss us. At all.

I'm sorry if this letter isn't like the ones you probably remember me bringing you in darshan. I was so much more flowery when I was a kid.

just got back from a bike ride in the park and as I was changing into my jeans I felt this hard little

please don't be a stranger

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headly said...

G'day seekher, great site, thanks for your work puttin it together. I just found it today from exsy. I want to find "Martas" blog that insider mentioned' I'm not familiar with this format, I googled it but no luck, Help? headly