Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Last Downward Dog (for now)

Well, well, as I wrote in the comments thread to the previous post, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned sex scandal to bring all of us Disenchanted folk together for a reunion. If you're jonesing for more on the John Friend/Anusara Yoga implosion, check out the links over there that helpful (and totally well-meaning!) gossips have posted--pssst, don't miss the link to the Daily Beast article on Friend's naughty, all-female Wiccan sex coven. As Friend's complications continue to unfold I'll monitor the sitch to see if any merit a new post. In the meantime, here's a brand new shiny comments thread for Anusara watchers to play in.

Tucked in among the comments to the last post were a number that shared stories of SY ashram days long past, or recently fled. More to the RoD point, I think—especially as these contain info on the recent whereabouts of our Nearly Departed One. The next post will take up that thread.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Seekher, and here is the link to Mimi Swartz's long article in the Texas Monthly:

Dan Shaw just posted it to LSY which feels very appropriate to have it there for the record. The whole article isn't available yet to non-subscribers of the Texas Monthly, so it's great that he got a hold of it somehow. I look forward to reading the whole thing.

The article in the Daily Beast that Seekher mentioned can be found here:

During the earlier discussions on the whole coven affair, not much was known about it and JF kept denying it and downplaying it. This article pretty much sums it up, with one coven member speaking out for the first time. Everyone can get a clear picture now. I mainly appreciate the fact that the truth really is coming out left and right in this debate, no matter how much JF tried to cover it up.

Free at Last

SeekHer said...

FaL if you can find the Tex Mo article and find a way to cram it into a comments I'll extract and post!

DanShaw,Nyack said...

Hi all - actually, the correct link to the whole Texas article is at

Dan Shaw

DanShaw,Nyack said...

OK, one more time!
The whole Texas Monthly article on John Friend is at

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the article.

"I, for one, preferred an earlier explanation. In one of the emails quoted on JFexposed
.com, Friend apologized profusely to the Wiccan coven members for fooling around with so many women. “My poor judgment and misaligned energy put the whole coven, each of you and your families at risk,” Friend wrote. “I have always considered myself intelligent and clever, and so I easily could create my own world even if I had to shrewdly cut corners since I would not get caught.”"

After reading the article John Friend sounds like a sociopath. I do not feel his apologies are genuine.
I remember a yoga warm up with a yoga bunny from my center, someone who dated/lived with her bf's best friend, using that term Shiva Shakti and thinking wtf? It all falls into place.

Anonymous said...

It was comforting to see the story of Betsey Downing's exchange with JF. Betsey was one of the most influential HY teachers I've ever had. Watching her stand up for personal integrity warmed my heart.
I certainly wish her all the best. Betsey, if you ever read this, I just want to shout out to you "Go gal, you still ROCK!"

Anonymous said...

This article rocks and gives details.

I wondered about certain SYogis who seemed to join the circus. The hula hoops, colorful costumes, om, krishna, rhada, shiva t shirt costumes, running off to burning man.